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Handprint Specialist

If you are looking for the unique, special touch for your envelopes, invites, menus, place settings or any number of custom lettering for your wedding or special occasions, Krista is here to help make it a unique and memorable event.

Why Calligraphy?

Calligraphy follows time honored tradition and etiquette.  Handprint is bespoke, unique, a personalized touch. Greet your loved ones with an heirloom touch of the hand.

Why Krista Does Calligraphy?

Her personal attention to detail, Krista will personally customize and take the added time to create exactly what you are looking for. She can do place settings, table settings, invitations, letters, banners and signs.

It's in the detail

About Krista

Hi, I am Krista!

I live in beautiful Durango, Colorado. I have a B.A. in Art. Art has always been my passion, especially calligraphy, and handprint typography. I'd love to help make your event personalized by adding a touch of the hand.

Envelopes & Invites

Bespoke and made to order envelopes, invitations, and save the dates. Ask about packages.



Place Settings & Menus

Make your occasion even more unique and personalized with table and place settings and menus. 

.75-$2.00- Place Setting

$3.00-$4.00-Table Setting & Menu


Signs & Banners & Special Requests

Wanting a custom piece or a certificate? I can do that as well! Have a specific type of font in mind? I can personalize to your desires. Ask for more details.

Inquire about cost.  


"Krista is a magical writing genius who writes the fanciest in all the land." Brian Forsberg, Houston, Texas.


Feel free to contact me with any questions: kdcalligraphy970@gmail.com

I'm here to add that something special to your special day and occasion. 

Don't want calligraphy? Krista can do most any type print requested.

She works in ink, pen, watercolor and acrylic, as needed per order.

Contact Me

Drop me a line!

Customized Made to Order

Please feel free to email me about pricing, timeline, turnarounds, etc. 

Krista does Calligraphy

Durango, Colorado, United States

(970) 749-0371